Canada Day(s) 29th June – 1st July

Oh heya!

Did you know that on the 1st of July in 1867, the 3 seperate colonies of Canada, Nova Scotia and New Brunswick formed a single dominion within the British Empire??

This Dominion was known as Canada!!! Not quite a Birthday, but a celebration of a then increased independence of a Kingdom unto itself.

What does this mean to DTC? Well, Beer!!

DTC has recently acquired a heap of amazing Canadian Craft beer that has yet to make its way over to their Southern Hemisphere Cousins.

We are also going to have a bit of fun with some awesome Bourbon Barrel Aged Maple Syrup – in the form of Ice Luge Shots!

Classic Canadian Cuisine will be available for the duration of the celebrations.

It would truely be impolite for you to miss this event, so don’t be a hoser (a foolish or uncultivated person) and come on down to DTC for Canada Dayz!