Garage Project – DTC Day Of The Dead

It’s DTC’s third annual Day of the Dead (or Día de Muertos) celebration with Garage Project.

For the uninitiated – Garage Project releases two unique beers to celebrate this auspicious Mexican event.

Firstly, Day of the Dead – a strong Chilli and Chocolate Dark Lager. Inspired by the Aztec beverage xocolatl, “a bitter, frothy, spicy drink” combining cocoa and chili. Brewed with smoked chipotle chili, refermented with organic blue agave syrup (the basis of Tequila) and conditioned over raw cocoa nibs.

Secondly, La Calavera Catrina – a Habanero and Rosewater Corn Lager. Brewed with maize, an ingredient you’d normally associate with much blander lager offerings, Catrina is fired up with an assertive chili heat from a generous addition of Habaneros, and spiked with rose water and yes – watermelon.

Accompanying these brews, will be a medley of Garage Project offerings – a total of 12 beers to be exact!

The DTC kitchen will be providing their take of Mexican Street Food to match the limited releases.

Get involved in the festivities and come dressed up in the Día de Muertos apparel, especially use your imagination on faceprinting. The best calavera (skull) man and woman will win prizes!!

We will also have a resident professional face painter from 4pm to 8pm to help with inspiration!!