Rocky Ridge Collab Launch RIGA-VICPK-JINDONG

It’s been a hot minute since our last collab, so why not another?
This time, let’s go on a journey!
We have joined forces with the illustrious Rocky Ridge to brew a beer that will transport you from the Baltics straight to WA.
When you crack the can you will depart from the largest airport in the Baltics with a direct flight to DTC in Vic Park. From there it is a short flight down to Jindong where this beer was cold conditioned for an extended period of time.
A massive grist consisting of Marris Otter, Roasted Wheat Malt, Caraaroma, Munich along with Amber and Pale malts received a 3 hour boil to create Maillard driven complexity. This provides ample depth and a massively robust body that encourages consumption far beyond the hefty 10% ABV suggests.
Nutty cola, vanilla and biscuity aromas meld with lightly burnt toast, granola and subtle booze warmth on the palate. A round and seamless mouthfeel makes this Baltic Porter stupidly drinkable before it leaves you with a pleasantly drying bitter finish.
Check your bags and jump on board with us all the way from the Baltics to WA!